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A Data Highlights gadget allows the display of a single value (resulted from a search query) and coloring it or its background (similar to a traffic light).

To add a Data Highlights Gadget:

  1. In Title, type a name for the gadget.
  2. In Search Query, type the search query to run, based on the XpoSearch simple/complex search syntax - ensure the result is a single value/string.
  3. In Time Range, select the time frame following which the gadget display is to be refreshed.
  4. In Label, set the type label to be displayed.

  5. In Format select the result type.

  6. In Symbol, add a symbol to be displayed next to the value according to the result's context - $, %, etc.
  7. In Decimal value, select the displayed format.
  8. More Settings:
    1. Set the coloring type - color the text or the background based on the result value.
    2. Set the Data type.
    3. Add plot bands that will determine the coloring according to the result (Number - ranges, string - values).
  9. Click the Save button.
    The gadget is saved in the container.







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