Current view: XpoLog V7 (Latest). Available: XpoLog V6 and XpoLog V5

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You can search for any character string in the log records using the Quick Find feature. The search displays in the Log Viewer, the first group of records, consisting of the number of records selected in the toolbar, which has at least one record containing the character string, and highlights the character string in yellow. You can then navigate to the first, last, previous, or next match of the searched value in the log, to view the highlighted character string in other records in the log. For example, searching for "Head" displays the first group of records in the log that contains in at least one of its records the string "Head".

Note: The search is not case sensitive.

To search for text in your log records:

  • In the textbox adjacent to the Filter, type the character string to search for. Within a few seconds the values will be highlighted.
    The text is highlighted in yellow in the first group of records in the log, consisting of the selected number of records.
    A Reset button is displayed near the Find button, enabling you to reset the Log Viewer display to its state before the Find (see Resetting the Log Viewer).
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