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After XpoLog connects to the logs directory in the local or remote machine and scans it for logs, you can now define under which parent folder in XpoLog to place the newly added logs directory, the collection policy to use, and optionally, the applications to tag to the logs directory.

Selecting the Logs Directory Location in XpoLog

By default, the logs directory is placed under Folders and Logs in XpoLog Center directly under Folders and Logs in the left pane of the Log Viewer. However, you can select or create another parent folder for the newly added logs directory. In this case, the logs directory is placed under the selected parent folder located under Folders and Logs

To select the added logs directory's parent folder:
  1. In the General section of the Add Logs Directory Wizard, if you want to select for the new log a Parent folder other than the default (Folders and Logs), near Select Parent Folder, click Browse.
    The Parent Folder page opens, displaying the available parent folders.
  2. In the Parent Folder page, do one of the following:
    Select an existing folder to be the parent of the new log, by clicking the folder on the Parent Folder page. 
    Click the Create New button, and in Enter new folder name, type the name of the new parent folder, and then click the Save button.
    The selected folder appears in Parent Folder.

Selecting the Log Collection Policy

XpoLog uses a log collection policy to determine how XpoLog server should collect the log directory information into its repository, and how long the logs should be archived. By default, XpoLog uses the default log collection policy. However, you can also use a predefined log collection policy (see Defining a Log Collection Policy).

To define a log collection policy:
  • In Collection Policy, select the collection policy to use. 

Tagging the Logs Directory to Application(s)

Optionally, you can tag the newly added logs directory to applications.

To tag the added logs directory to application(s):
  1. Near Select App Tag, click select
    The App Tag list is displayed.
  2. In the App Tag list, do one of the following:
    Select the check-boxes of the applications to tag to the log. 
    To add new App Tag type the name of the new application, and then press Enter. The application is added to the New Application list, and its checkbox will be marked.
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