Current view: XpoLog V7 (Latest). Available: XpoLog V6 and XpoLog V5

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Launching XpoLog

XpoLog can be installed on a Windows or Linux machine, or deployed as a Web application (see Installation). After installation or deployment, XpoLog runs automatically.

For subsequent uses of XpoLog, launch XpoLog as follows:
Consult the system administrator to ensure the default ports presented above were not changed.

Logging In

If security is not activated in your organization (the default), launching XpoLog Center from your browser automatically starts XpoLog.

If security is activated in your organization, you are required to enter your credentials (username and password).
Default credentials are admin/admin and may be changed immediately after first time login. 

 To log into XpoLog Center:
  1. Navigate to the XpoLog Center address in your browser.

  2. If security is activated in your organization, in the login page that appears, type your Username and Password, and then click OK.
    The XpoLog Center homepage is presented. See XpoLog Homepage for a description of the homepage elements.

Logging Out

A Logout button appears at the right side of the main menu on any XpoLog page of organizations where security is activated, i.e. where username and password were required to log into XpoLog. In this case, clicking the Logout button logs you out of XpoLog Center.








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