Current view: XpoLog V7 (Latest). Available: XpoLog V6 and XpoLog V5

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To send data over XpoLog Forwarder:

  1. Go to Manager > Administration > Collection Polices->Edit->Data Forwarding.
  2. Add New XpoLog Forwarder, for each XpoLog Forwarder the following should be configured:
    1. Name: the name of the XpoLog Forwarder
    2. Description: the description of the XpoLog Forwarder
    3. Enabled: the XpoLog forwarder is enabled by default. Uncheck for disabling.
    4. Remote Xplg: the remote XpoLog account to which data should be send.
    5. Token: the token ID of the XpoLog Listener account to which data should be send.
    6. Source ID: the source ID of the data that are sent over the XpoLog forwarder.
    7. Advanced Settings:
      • Data Filter Query:
        Enter a data filter query

      3. Save the XpoLog Forwarder.
      4. Data sent from the XpoLog Forwarder will be sent to the configured remote XpoLog.


Note: it is possible to configure multiple XpoLog Forwarders in the same collection policy.

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