Current view: XpoLog V7 (Latest). Available: XpoLog V6 and XpoLog V5

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Log Viewer facilitates troubleshooting to find the cause of an event, by enabling you to zoom into any filtered log record to see the log records preceding and following it. Zooming into a filtered record displays an equal number of records preceding and following the zoomed in record, with the total number of displayed records equivalent to the number selected in the toolbar. For example, if you select to display 25 records in the Log Viewer, zooming into a filtered record displays 12 records before and 12 records after, and emphasizes the zoomed-in record in boldface.

To zoom into a filtered log record:
  • Click the Zoom-In icon at the head of the filtered record which you want to zoom into.

    The Log Viewer displays the log records preceding and following the zoomed-in record, and emphasizes the selected record in boldface.
    Zoom-Out and Back buttons appear in the toolbar.

Zooming Out of a Record  

After zooming into a filtered record, you can zoom out of the record to return to the previous log viewer state.

To zoom out of a filtered log record:
  • In the Log Viewer toolbar, click the Zoom-Out or Back button.

    The Log Viewer is restored to its previous state.

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