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Under the Analytics Settings section (Analytics > Administration > Settings) the following options are available:

  1. General
    Customize the Analytics console default view:
    - View By: presenting the analysis based on Folders and Logs, Applications, or Server.
    - View Type: Total - presenting an analysis which summarizes the total number of log events and problems that were scanned on each time slot. Risk - presenting an analysis which summarizes the severities of problems that were scanned on each time slot.
    - Group By: presenting an aggregated analysis of all logs (Summary View) or per each Folder/Application/Server independently (Split).
    - Hierarchy Type: presenting an analysis in the defined hierarchy of Folders/Applications/Servers (Hierarchic) or simply list each log independently (Flat).
    - Show Metrics: chekc this to present the metrics (CPU/Memory/Disk) measurements in the console (see below how to activate metrics measurements).
    - Dates Range: the default time frame that the Analytics console will load when first entering it.

    Note: the above settings determine the default view of the Analytics console when first entering it. The view may be easily changed by users while viewing the Analytics User Interface.
  2. Problems Management
    All Severity changes that were to automatically detected problems by users are centralized in this tab. System Administrators may customize or reset these changes as required.
  3. Metrics
    The Analytics console can measure servers metrics and present it side by side to the logs analysis. The Analytics measures metrics from servers over SSH and over the Windows network. Metrics information (CPU/Memory/Disk) is stored for as long as needed and presents historical view of servers CPU/Memory/Disk levels over time.
    The control of the metrics sampling interval and problems definition of metrics analysis can be found under the Metrics tab.

    Note: In order to define a specific metrics policy (sampling interval and problems definition) to a server, you may override the global definition by going to: Analytics > Administration > Logs, select servers view and then right click the server you wish to edit and click the metrics link.
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