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You can update the configuration of multiple logs that exist in XpoLog, based on a single template. For example, you can add a column to 10 logs of the same type residing in your XpoLog system, by creating or updating a single template, and applying it on all the logs.  For logs having log names with common characters, this can be done by specifying in the log name, the common characters of the logs' log names, and an asterisk as placeholder for uncommon characters in the log names. For example, to apply a template on logs with log names beginning with access, you can enter the log name access*. Alternately, and especially when the log names do not contain common characters, you can select the checkbox of each log name on which to apply the template.  

To apply a template on multiple logs:
  1. Open the list of templates in the system (see Viewing XpoLog Templates).
  2. Click apply template on logs near the template that you want to apply on multiple logs.
    The Specify Template Target Logs page appears, for specifying the logs on which to apply the template.
  3. Do one of the following:
    Select the Specify log name option, and in Log Name, type the name of the log or a name that can represent a group of logs (for example, access*).
    Select the Select folders and logs option, open the Folders and Logs tree to show the relevant logs, and select the checkboxes of the logs on which to apply the selected template.
  4. Click the Apply button.
    The configuration of the selected logs is updated according to the selected template.
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