Current view: XpoLog V5. Available: XpoLog V6 and XpoLog V7 (Latest)

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You can create a log from any template defined in XpoLog.

To create a log based on a template:
  1. Open the list of templates in the system (see Viewing XpoLog Templates).
  2. In the Templates list, click the Create Log link to the right of the template from which you want to create a log.
    The Edit Log page opens, with all the details of the template, besides for its name.
  3. In Log Name, type a name for the new log.
  4. If necessary, click Next to edit the configuration of the newly created log.
  5. Click Save.
    The log configuration is saved, and the log name appears under the Folders and Logs tree in the left navigation pane of the Log Viewer.
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