Current view: XpoLog V5. Available: XpoLog V6 and XpoLog V7 (Latest)

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The Quick Actions section in the left pane of the XpoLog homepage provides shortcuts to the XpoLog features described in the following table:

Log ViewerOpens the Log Viewer console, from which you can perform all the actions described in Log Viewer.
Log MonitorOpens the Monitor console for creating a log monitor, search monitor, or monitor group; editing or deleting an existing monitor; executing a monitor, or viewing a monitor's results (see Log Monitor).

Opens the Reports console for viewing defined reports or report results;editing, duplicating, generating, or deleting existing reports; creating new log or log group reports (see Reports).


Opens the Analytics console, which you can analyze and perform actions, as described in XpoLog Analytics.

Search Engine

Opens the XpoSearch console, from where you can perform simple and complex searches on log files, as described in XpoLog Search.

Log Collection

Opens the Log Collection console, for defining a new Log Collection, Folder Collection, or Syslog Collection; editing or deleting an existing collection; executing or stopping a collection.

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