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You can save any log in the system that is opened in the Log Viewer, as a template. The file structure, patterns, and customization (if it exists) of the log are all saved in the template. This template is then available for applying on other logs in XpoLog.

To save a log as a template:
  1. In XpoLog Manager left pane, in the Folders and Logs tree, select any log in the system.
    The log records are displayed in the Log Viewer.
  2. Select the Configuration > Save as Template menu item.
    The Save Template page is displayed. 
    Note: A log must be selected before selecting  Configuration > Save as Template. Otherwise, an error occurs.
  3. Select one of the following:
    1. Overwrite an existing template: 
      1. Select an existing template from the templates' list.
        Note: the template will be overwritten by the configuration of the log that is currently being saved as the template. The template's Name and Description will remain as before.
    2. Create a new template:
      1. Type a meaningful Name and Description for the template
  4. Click Save.
    The Templates page opens, displaying the new template name on the templates list.


Templates Advanced Configuration:

  1. Include template while running wizard
    Determines whether to match this template to detected logs during the add logs directory process
  2. Use template's validation while running wizard
    If checked, the data from the log file will be matched to the template's pattern in addition to matching the log file name
    If not checked, only log file name will be matched to the template
  3. Ignore file's name expression
    If checked, the log file name in the template will be ignored and the template will be matched to the log file by either searching for a text in the header of the file, or applying an expression that will "replace" the log file's name
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