Current view: XpoLog V5. Available: XpoLog V6 and XpoLog V7 (Latest)

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XpoLog manages a set of log files which contains errors, events, system activity, users activity and more.
The logs are located under the 'log' directory in the XpoLog allocated storage (by default under the installation directory). XpoLog uses Log4J to log it's activity and errors and it is possible to modify the Log4J properties if needed (located under <XpoLog-Config>/conf/general/

In order to view the XpoLog system log please go to the support portal, select the log you would like to view and click the view button. It is also possible to add the system logs to be presented in XpoLog to get access to all logs directly from the console - from the support portal, basic section click the 'Add System Logs' button and then refresh the browser.


Following is a summary of the logs that XpoLog manages:


The audit logs contain detailed information on all users activity in XpoLog. XpoLog is auditing all user's operations starting from signing in through all other available operations in the system. XpoLog fully complies with IT regulations of auditing and storing EVERYTHING which is done in the system by Administrators and Users - the logs containing this information may be stored for as long as needed to provide details and reports of the usage.

system audit

The system audit logs contain detailed information on all the system's activity. All the operation which are executed by the server side are logged - data collection, indexing, monitoring executions, dashboards generation, etc.

XpoLog log

The XpoLog logs contain detailed information on all errors which XpoLog encounters


The ssh logs contain detailed information on all SSH related errors which XpoLog encounters while trying to establish connections, collect data or monitor remote sources over SSH


The scanner logs contain detailed information on the the data scanning operations that XpoLog performs such as which sources are scanned, number of logs identified and added to the system, etc.

XpoLog memory

The XpoLog memory logs contain details on the memory consumption of XpoLog

Servlet Container

The Servlet Container logs are the logs of the internal Servlet Container which runs XpoLog

Cluster Activity

The Cluster activity logs contain detailed information on all cluster related issues - in case multiple instances of XpoLog run as a cluster

Data Activity

The Data activity logs contain detailed information on all the data collection and management done by XpoLog


The Ant.out file contains information on Ant related operations that are executed such as deployment of an update patch on the system 


The events logs contain details on all the events in XpoLog which are sent out from XpoLog to users such as monitors alerts, exporting of dashboards / reports, tasks executions, etc.

System Alerts

The System alerts logs contain details on all the alerts which XpoLog internal monitoring mechanism is sending (see more details at XpoLog System Status console)

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