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Storage: XpoLog (Indexed) Data is stored in a Binary, non readable format and cannot be read or decrypted only by XpoLog. In case data is being tampered, XpoLog immediately alerts on the issue.
Archive: XpoLog archived Data is stored in compressed flat files. XpoLog runs a standard checksum (SHA-1/256/MD5) on the archive repository. In case data is being tampered, XpoLog immediately alerts on the issue.


  1. Storage Repository - browse to the location where to store the collected data, it is recommended to use a fast storage for this location. The default is the XpoLog internal data directory.

  2. Retention Policy - in the Delete files older than, specify at what age files are to be removed from the repository. 
  3. Email Notification - specify a semicolon separated list of email addresses that an alert will be sent to on policy related failures.
  4. Data Encryption - XpoLog stores its internal data in a propriety, non readable, model but not by default encryption is not active for maximal performance (recommended. It is possible to enhance it by activating an additional encryption on the repository (used algorithm AES CBC 128). By selecting an encryption algorithm, as of the next policy's execution data will be stored encrypted. Storing encrypted data causes an overhead when writing/reading data which may result in a performance decrease of data collection/index/search.