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You can schedule the frequency of dumping a dashboard as a PDF into the system, and also configure the email settings for receiving the PDF directly to your email account. This is useful for dashboards that generate reports.

By default, dashboards are live and constantly running and updated. You can request to run the dashboard in offline mode, i.e. only before exporting. However, this takes a long time as the system runs the entire report for a long period of time.

To schedule dashboard export:
  1. Open the dashboard for which you want to schedule export, and in the dashboard toolbar, click the Tools icon.
  2. In the Tools menu, click Schedule Export
    The Schedule Dashboard Export dialog box opens.
  3. In the Export Schedule tab, in Set Frequency, select the frequency of exporting the dashboard to PDF: Never, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  4. In the Export Options tab the following options are available:
    1. Export to Email - At the scheduled time, the dashboard will be sent by email. Specify the email settings, and select the dashboard format (PDF and/or CSV) to be attached to the email.
    2. Export to File - At the scheduled time, the dashboard will be saved to the file system. Specify the type of file to save (PDF and/or CSV), the target location and the retention policy.
    3. Offline Mode - The dashboard will be only updated at the scheduled time and will be exported based on the Export Options configuration. 
  5. Click the Save button. 
    Scheduling is defined in the system.

Note: When exporting a dashboard in CSV format, only textual gadgets will be included.

Configuring Email Settings

To configure email settings:
  1. In the Schedule Dashboard Export dialog box, open the Export Options tab.
  2. In the SMTP Host and SMTP Port, type the SMTP host name (default: and port number (default:25).
  3. In System Email Address, type the email from which to send the PDF.
  4. In Administrator Email Address, type the email to which to send the PDF.
  5. Click the Save button. 
    The email settings are saved.

Note: For advanced mail settings, in the main menu, select Settings > General, and open the Mail tab.

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