Current view: XPLG V7 (Latest). Available: XPLG V6 and XPLG V5

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XpoLog Manager

  • Address Book replaced - accounts page
  • Log Viewer:
    • Tail - real time data view
    • Copy waw Data from viewer
    • Marker presented when zoom in from search
    • UX/UI fixes
  • Data Forwarding updates
  • LogSync optimizations
  • Listeners performance improvements
  • Folders and Logs console optimizations
  • Office365 SMTP support | more>
  • JAVA update to version 1.8.0_281 | more>

XpoLog Search

  • New search functions - advanced regular expression, standard deviation, compare messages


  • New applications after migration
  • Drill down from search results
  • Drill down from gadget to a specific dashboard for highlights, trends, gauge gadgets
  • New function - Clustering
  • New charts
  • Search result table filter optimizations

General system optimizations and bug fixes


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