Current view: XPLG V7 (Latest). Available: XPLG V6 and XPLG V5

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  • Enhanced PagerDuty integration for monitors alerting (send custom JSON alert). Read more>
  • Automatically add monitors queries with risks to Analytics/LogX engines
  • Fix permissions on Folders and Logs view restrictions
  • Align archived data structure to Folders and Logs structure on file system


LogX - A new out of the box application for automatic log analysis and monitoring.

 XPLG LogX automatically identifies and alerts on complex insights found in log data. LogX was fine-tuned for logs, observability, security, apps, and IT data based on comprehensive research and algorithmic breakthrough. LogX create a unique profile for each log event, this profile is then aggregated into a new data model with systems behavior profiles, complex risk patterns, and more. LogX detects anomalies and clustering Insight within those new data models. LogX meets today's Apps, DevOps, IT, CI/CD, and Cloud architecture which are subject to frequent changes with this new ML/AI paradigm.

After the latest update is deployed, go to Apps > Marketplace and deploy LogX.

LogX includes some very interesting analyses and new capabilities:

  • Top errors trends
  • Errors/logging anomalies
  • New errors (unique errors identified in the data compared to other days)
  • Removed Errors (errors that were seen before in the data but are no longer seen)
  • Data steams statistics and anomalies


Update XPLG with the latest patch and deploy LogX from XPLG Applications marketplace.

Contact us for a demo.


Download the latest update

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