Current view: XPLG V7 (Latest). Available: XPLG V6 and XPLG V5

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Displays a Geo IP map of the result of a given search, grouped by countries or cities; used to find the city or country of an IP address in a log record; gadget has a View in Search link that can be clicked to navigate to the Search Console to perform a drill-down.

To add a Map Gadget:
  1. Select the type of chart to be displayed: Countries or Cities.
  2. In Title, type a name for the gadget.
  3. In Search Query, type the search query to run, based on the XpoSearch simple/complex search syntax.
  4. In Time Range, select the time frame following which the gadget display is to be refreshed.

  5. In Max Number of Events, select the maximum number of events to be returned.

  6. Click the Save button.
    The gadget is saved in the dashboard.

Result Examples:

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