Current view: XPLG V7 (Latest). Available: XPLG V6 and XPLG V5

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To add an AppTag:
  1. In XpoLog Manager, on the left navigation panel select the Tags AppTag menu item.
    The AppTags console is displayed
  2. In the AppTags console, click the ADD button.
  3. The Add AppTag console is displayed.
  4. Available sections:
    1. General info, enter a name and a description for this AppTag (the name will be searchable in XpoLog Search).
    2. Folders and Logs:
      1. Use Logs Sources - enter a source query that represents the source logs that are associated with the AppTag (I.E. log.LOG_NAME_PATTERN, folder.FOLDER_NAME_PATTERN, server.SERVER_NAME_PATTERN).
        By default, based on the configured dynamic source query, each log/folder/server that will be created in the system will be associated to this apptag automatically.
      2. Logs hierarchy - manually select folders/logs that are associated with the AppTag.
        see Mapping Sources by AppTag.
    3. Accounts, select the account associated with this AppTag.
    4. Collection Policies, select the collection policies associated with this AppTag.
    5. Environment Table, select the environment tables associated with this AppTag.
    6. Monitors, select the monitors associated with this AppTag.
    7. Saved searches, select the saved searches associated with this AppTag.
    8. Security,(displayed only if security is active), set the view and edit permissions of users/groups related to the AppTag.
    9. Tasks, select the tasks associated with this AppTag.
    10. AppTags, select the AppTags associated with this AppTag.
    11. Templates, select the templates associated with this AppTag.
    12. Localization tab (displayed only if security is active and if the Apply AppTags time zone is selected under Advanced General Settings), set the set the specific time of the AppTag.
  5. Click the Save button.
    The new AppTag is saved in XpoLog Center.
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