Current view: XPLG V7 (Latest). Available: XPLG V6 and XPLG V5

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XpoSearch enables you to refine your simple search results, so that you can dig deeper into the cause of events.

You can augment your simple search results in any or all of the following ways:

  • Filtering the resulting events, so that only events from specific logs, folders, applications, or servers are displayed
  • Refining the search, using a field value discovered by Analytics
  • Running a complex search on the results of the simple search, using the interesting fields that were detected by Analytics

Disabling Augmentation

 By default, augmentation is enabled. However, you can choose to disable this option.

To disable augmentation:
  • In the Search Query Panel, click the Close Augmented Search icon.
    The Augmented Search Pane closes.
    The icon changes to the Open Augmented Search icon, enabling you to open the Augmented Search Pane at a later time.


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