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In order to be able to send notifications to Slack channels (via monitors' alerts or via share search in the search console) it is required to define webhooks to the desired channels in your Slack workspace.
XpoLog requires internet access (HTTPS port 443) to publish messages to Slack.

Slack integration:

  1. Generate webhooks (Slack side):
    1. Go to:
    2. Follow the listed steps:
      1. Click the "Set up Incoming Webhooks" link to go to that section
      2. Create an app in Slack or click to open an existing one (You'll need to sign in to your Slack account to create an application). If you're creating a new app - give it a name and tag it to the desired workspace, upload an image, etc. and then save it.
      3. In the app screen, select the "Incoming Webhooks" section (enable Incoming webhooks if the option is disabled)
      4. Click the "Add new Webhook", select to which channel the post messages using this webhook and save.
      5. You may repeat #iv to create multiple Webhook to multiple channels.
      6. Copy the webhooks you wish to use in XpoLog with their associated channel name.
  2. Define the channels webhooks in XpoLog:
    1. Go to XpoLog Manager left navigation panel Settings > System Settings
    2. Under the Notifications section click SET next to the Slack part. The Slack configuration screen opens.
    3. Enter the channel name and it's associated webhook and click create.
    4. You may create as many channels webhooks as needed.
    5. Save - a message will be published to all configured channels to indicate that XpoLog is capable of publishing messages.

Note: if you wish to get System alerts (automatically generated by XpoLog system) to one or more of the configured channels, check the checkbox under the ALERT column next to that channel.



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