Current view: XPLG V7 (Latest). Available: XPLG V6 and XPLG V5

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You can base one Collection Policy on an existing policy, by duplicating the defined Collection Policy, giving it another name, and description, selecting the members for the policy, and modifying parameters in the tabs, as required.

To duplicate a Collection Policy:
  1. In the Collection Policies table, select the Collection Policy to duplicate.
  2. Right-click the Collection Policy and from the menu that appears, click Duplicate
    Click the Duplicate button.
    The Add new collection policy page is displayed. The name, description, and checkboxes of the members are cleared. The parameters in the other tabs are duplicated.
  3. Type a Name and Description for the new collection policy, select its members, and modify any of the parameters in its other tabs, as required. See Defining a Log Collection Policy on how to fill in the parameters.
  4. Click Save.
    The new collection policy is saved, and appears in the Collection Policies table.


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