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The definition screen of gadgets may slightly change based on the gadget type that was selected, however the principles of the definition are similar.
Below is an example of a 3D Pie Chart gadget definition screen that details the required information for generating the result:

  • Title - enter a title for the gadget
  • Search Query - enter the simple / complex search query that will be used by this gadget
    By default, the gadget inherits its parent App and Dashboard sources. Select the 'Override Application/Dashboard Sources' if you wish to set specific sources to the gadget and ignore its parent's sources.
  • Group By - the result will be aggregated based on this selection (this option is disabled if entering a complex search query)
  • Time Range - the time range that this gadget will generate its result on (by default gadgets inherit their parent dashboard's time range definition)
  • Max Number of Results - specify the max number of results to be displayed
  • More Settings
    • Pie Type - specify the pie type (in case of a pie - regular pie, donut or semi circle donut) 
    • 3D - specify if the selected type should be presented in 3D or 2D


Note: at any given time it is possible to click the 'Change gadget type' and select a different type using the used definitions.


Results Example:


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