Current view: XPLG V7 (Latest). Available: XPLG V6 and XPLG V5

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This procedure rollback XPLG to an earlier configuration state not version state. For version rollback see - Rollback XPLG Version

XPLG configuration rollback procedure is simple and immediate. The rollback is an operation that returns the system configuration to an earlier state, it may be required if there was an undesired configuration change, unintended removal of an object, etc.
XPLG automatically stores a daily backup of all its configuration and keeps them available for 30 days by default in case required.

Note: it is critical to stop all XPLG processes prior to performing a roll back.

In order to perform a rollback follow the steps below:
The entire configuration is managed in the EXTERNAL_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY, if it exists. If not, it is found in the INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY.
In order to check the used configuration, go to PORTX > Settings > System Settings - if there's a path configured under 'XpoLog Configuration Directory' that is the EXTERNAL_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY, if not, then it is under the INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY of the software.

  1. Stop all XpoLog Services
  2. Store the current configuration state of XpoLog:
    1. Go to the EXTERNAL_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY/ and rename conf directory to conf.current
    2. Go to the EXTERNAL_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY/collection/ and rename collection directory to collection.current
    1. You will find daily zip files from the last 30 days, each contains a snapshot of the configuration from that day. 
    2. Unzip the desired backup file from the date you wish to roll back to (prior to the changes that led you to perform a rollback).
    3. Following unzip, you'll find a 'collection' and 'conf' directories. 
    4. Copy the unzipped 'collection' and 'conf' directories to the EXTERNAL_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY
  4. Start all XpoLog Services
  5. Reload browser to login to the console. The system will be loaded with the applied configuration.
  6. Configuration rollback is completed.

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