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Time plays a very important role in the examination of the cause of a system problem.

Although Analtyics is automatically performed on the log events from the last seven days, you can set Analytics to run on events that occurred at any time.

You can select a predefined time period, or customize the time period by selecting the start and end dates and times of the time period.

To select the time period of Analytics:
  1. In the Graph Display and Time Control Panel (see its user interface in Graph Display and Time Control Panel), in the Analytics Time Range textbox, click the down arrow.

    A list of selectable time periods opens.

  2. From the list of time periods, select a predefined time period (Last hour, Last 3 hoursLast 12 hours, Last 24 hours, Last 3 days, Last 7 days, Last 2 weeks, Last 3 weeks, Last 4 weeks, Last 3 months, Last 6 months, or Last 12 months), or select Custom to specify your own time period (see Customizing the Analytics Time Period for a detailed explanation on customizing the time period). 

    he selected time period is displayed in the textbox, and Analytics runs on this time period.

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