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Preparations - change in Gmail settings :

First of all you need to make some changes in your gmail account settings.
You need to open your gmail account settings. 

There are a few steps :

1. You need to keep the 2-step verification off, if you’re using it.

2.  Allow less secure apps access to your account.
3. Visit and sign in with your Gmail username and password.

And it’s done. That’s all you need to do.

Note - Mandatory to run these steps in this order.

XpoLog configuration:

  1. In the General Settings console, open the Mail tab
  2. In SMTP Host, type
  3. In SMTP Port, type 465 (must be opened on XpoLog server(s))
  4. System Email Address - typically this is the default/system ‘From’ email address that is to be used when sending emails from XpoLog. However, when using GMAIL the 'From' email address will always be the email address of the GMAIL account you're using in these settings. GMAIL does not allow a custom email address to be used as the 'From' email address.
  5. In Administrator Email Address, type the email address of XpoLog’s administrator, where system notifications such as disk space, violation messages, and more, are to be sent.
  6. Check the Use SMTP Authentication check-box.
  7. Provide SMTP Username and SMTP Password (your GMAIL user and password)
  8. Check the Use TLS/SSL check-box
  9. Click the Save button.

The GMAIL settings are saved. 


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