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To send data over XpoLog Forwarder:

  1. Go to Manager > Left Navigation Panel > Data > Collection Polices-> Edit a collection policy-> Data Forwarding.
  2. Add New XpoLog Forwarder, for each XpoLog Forwarder the following should be configured:
    1. Name: the name of the XpoLog Forwarder
    2. Description: the description of the XpoLog Forwarder
    3. Enabled: the XpoLog forwarder is enabled by default. Uncheck for disabling.
    4. Remote XpoLog Account: the remote XpoLog account to which data should be send. This would be considered as the Server that this collection policy will push data into.  To create the remote XpoLog Account follow the guidelines to Configuring a Remote XpoLog Account in the article: Creating An Account. Note that the account type needs to be Agent mode and the account needs to pass verification.
    5. Token: the token ID of the XpoLog Listener account to which data should be send.
    6. Source ID: the source ID of the data that are sent over the XpoLog forwarder. Note that the Source ID needs to be unique for each forwarding collection policy because it will be considered as the Client in which the data was  received from. In the target XpoLog server the Source ID will be identified as the HOST of the client.  
    7. Advanced Settings:
      • Data Filter Query:
        Enter a data filter query

      3. Save the XpoLog Forwarder.
      4. Data sent from the XpoLog Forwarder will be sent to the configured remote XpoLog.


Note: it is possible to configure multiple XpoLog Forwarders in the same collection policy.

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