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Calculates the percentile of the values in a specified column of the search query results.


percentile [percentage_value]

Required Arguments


Syntax: <character string>

Description: The value of a percentage

Optional Arguments



A percentile is a measure used in statistics indicating the value below which a given percentage of observations in a group of observations fall


Example 1:  

* in log.system audit | order by process time (ms) | percentile 95 

From the events in system audit log, returns the percentile 95% of the events observed by column process time (ms).

Example 2:  

timetoprcessRequest != null  in log.access | order by timetoprcessRequest  | percentile 95 | count | group by URL, timetoprcessRequest | order by timetoprcessRequest desc

From the events in access log, returns the percentile 95% of the events observed by column timetoprcessRequest.Then groups by the URL and timetoprcessRequest and sorts by timetoprcessRequest  descending.

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