Current view: XPLG V7 (Latest). Available: XPLG V6 and XPLG V5

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Displays the sum of the values in a specified column in the search query results.


sum [column_name]

Required Arguments


Syntax: <character string>

Description: The name of a column header that has numeric values

Optional Arguments



For each event in the search query results that has the specified column_name with a numeric value, adds the value to the cumulative sum, and when it reaches the last event, displays the sum.


Example 1:  

* in log.access | sum Bytes Sent 

Returns the sum of the values in column Bytes Sent in the events from access log.

Example 2:  

http in log.iis log| sum time-taken | group by c-ip 

From the events from log.iss log that have the text http in their column values, calculates the sum of the values in the time-taken column per each c-ip column value. 

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