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In order for XpoLog to send emails, you must allocate an SMTP mail server and configure it. 

To configure mail settings:
  1. In the General Settings console, open the Mail tab.
  2. In SMTP Host, type the SMTP host address that XpoLog is to use to send emails.
  3. In SMTP Port, type the port that the given SMTP host is listening on.
  4. In  System Email Address, type the default/system ‘From’ email address that is to be used when sending emails.
  5. In Administrator Email Address, type the email address of XpoLog’s administrator, where system notifications such as disk space, violation messages, and more, are to be sent.
  6. If the SMTP requires authentication, select the Use SMTP Authentication checkbox. In this case, provide SMTP Username and SMTP Password, and indicate whether or not to Use TLS/SSL.
  7. To test that the mail settings are correct and usable, click the Test Mail Settings link, enter a valid email address to which a test message should be sent, and click the Send Message button. If an error message appears, fix the relevant setting based on the error message and run another test.
  8. Click the Save button.
    The mail settings are saved. 



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