Current view: XpoLog V6. Available: XpoLog V5 and XpoLog V7 (Latest)

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XpoLog is a Log Analysis Platform that helps applications and operations teams to quickly search, investigate, and navigate through application problems and IT metrics. It offers a centralized perspective covering multiple logs from local and remote infrastructure, including servers, applications, machines, and data centers, all in real-time through a standard web-browser. XpoLog is a non-intrusive, agent-less solution, which does not require any changes to the IT configuration or code. 

With XpoLog, operation/production support personnel can:

  • Collect and analyze end-user transaction logs
  • Perform advanced searches on consolidated logs
  • Correlate log events by transactions
  • Accelerate problem isolation and troubleshooting
  • Automatically detect errors and risks without prior configuration  
  • Receive alerts based on risk levels and other predefined rules

With XpoLog, application teams can:

  • Analyze software logs during testing
  • Detect bugs before going live
  • Automatically detect risks and monitor problems
  • Correlate log events by transactions


See XpoLog summary sheet for more information 

See XpoLog data sheet for more information


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