Current view: XpoLog V6. Available: XpoLog V5 and XpoLog V7 (Latest)

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The following icons which may be presented below an App, indicate an important configuration of this App:

XpoLog enables management of its Apps from menu entry of each App.

Mouse over an App and click the  icon to display the menu options, as follows:

  • View  – For opening the App and get the list of available Dashboards under the App. See XpoLog Dashboards.
  • Close (optional) – For closing an App if the App is opened (I.E. one of its dashboards is currently being displayed).
  • Edit – For defining the general settings of an App - name, color/image identifier, generation interval, time frame, export settings, etc. (See App Settings)
  • Duplicate  For duplicating an existing App and defining a new one on its basis.
  • Export Conf.  For exporting an App configuration (all settings and dashboards) and allowing an import of its definition in another XpoLog. See Export/Import App Conf.
  • Delete  For removing an existing App and all its dashboards. 
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