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Gadgets are the data visualization units which are displayed in dashboards. Multiple gadgets can be added to a single dashboard to visualize data in many forms and shapes such as line chart, area chart, bar chart, column chart, pie chart, events list or table, analytics summary, transactions list and more.

Adding a gadget is done from within a dashboard. After clicking a dashboard to load it, select the 'Add Gadget' from the  icon on the top right hand side of the Dashboard toolbar.
The Add a Gadget administration console opens:


Click one of the Visual Types to filter the list of available gadgets to that specific type or type the name in the search box   to filter the list.
By clicking the image of the selected type, the gadget's administration screen will appear for defining the gadget. 


To add a gadget to a dashboard:
  1. Create a dashboard or load an existing dashboard to which you want to add a gadget, and select the 'Add Gadget' from the  icon on the top right hand side of the Dashboard toolbar.
    The Select Gadget page opens, displaying the available gadget types.

  2. Click a gadget type.

    A page opens for defining the information for the new gadget. Fill in the fields of the selected gadget type:

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