Current view: XpoLog V6. Available: XpoLog V5 and XpoLog V7 (Latest)

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The Problems Graph Area user interface includes the following elements:

, Zoom-in button found above the graph in each timeslot, for zooming into the selected timeslot. After zooming in, provides a zoom-out button for returning to the previous zoom level.

A graph with the Analytics timeline in the x-axis, and the number of events in the y-axis.

The graph shows the distribution of events over the selected timeline.

On the graph there are measurement points that indicate problems. The severity of these problems is according to the following color-coding:

  • Green – no problems were found at that time.
  • Yellow – problems of low severity (at most) were found at that time.
  • Orange – problems of medium severity (at most) were found at that time.
  • Red – problems of high severity were found at that time.

Note: The severity level is assigned to all problems automatically by Analytics, except for predefined problems and server metrics, which are determined by users.

Hovering the mouse over a measurement point displays a summary of all the problems that were detected at that time.

 MetricsDisplays Metrics information (CPU/Memory), provided that Show Metrics is activated - this feature is deprecated as of version 6.4808

Previous/Next timeslot buttons.

Clicking these buttons located in the left and right edges below the graph, displays the distribution of events in the previous/next timeslot.



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