Current view: XpoLog V6. Available: XpoLog V5 and XpoLog V7 (Latest)

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The Security menu is displayed in the XpoLog Manager menu, only if security has been activated in the General Settings Security tab (see Configuring General Security Settings).

Using the Security mechanism of XpoLog, Administrators do the following:

  • Create groups, which are composed of users or groups that have the same permissions and tasks in the system, and manage them (see Managing Groups).
  • Create policies that define permissions that can be assigned to the various groups or users for performing activities in the system, and manage them (see Managing Policies). 
  • Create Users and associate them with groups and assign to them a policy, and manage them (see Managing Users).
  • Change their password or display name (see Changing Your Password or Display Name). 

If your organization uses an internal XpoLog realm to authenticate Users, Administrators can do all of the above. However, if your organization uses an external XpoLog realm for assigning usernames and passwords to users and for authentication, Administrators can only create Groups and Policies.

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