Current view: XpoLog V6. Available: XpoLog V5 and XpoLog V7 (Latest)

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An XpoLog App is a container that contains one or more dashboards. Each dashboard in the App is used to display visual or textual information from the logs that exist in the XpoLog environment.

Apps and Dashboards simplify and expedite analysis of an Application or Environment. The Dashboards provide live visualization of the data to quickly expose and understand faults and outages.
XpoLog has an engine that enables customizing multiple dashboards.  For example, four dashboards can be defined under an App one for displaying application problems, performance problems, network issues, and security.

Click the Apps tab to open the Apps console. 

XpoLog Custom Apps - create any application and dashboard on your data using XpoLog visualization tools.

XpoLog Apps Marketplace - select out of the box applications, a predefined set of dashboards, made for you by XpoLog team for a quick and easy deployment of known system applications





Click the App that you wish to view its Dashboards. You can filter the list of available Apps by typing the name of the App in the search area  or sort the displayed Apps list by name, recently viewed or most viewed by simply clicking the desired option on the left menu.

XpoLog allows to open multiple Apps/Dashboards in a single browser session. Mouse over the  icon allows quick navigation between the open Apps/Dashboards:

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