Current view: XpoLog V5. Available: XpoLog V6 and XpoLog V7 (Latest)

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General System Enhancements

XpoLog SDK: New. XpoLog SDK provides a set of commands that enables remote configuration of different XpoLog properties without accessing the GUI. More> 

 Search API enhancements: XpoLog's Search API enhanced with more options to query XpoLog remotely. More>

XpoLog Manager

Listeners Accounts Monitoring: XpoLog System Status presents a new section 'listeners' that presents general information on the listeners accounts and monitors their activity.

Remote XpoLog Account: Remote XpoLog account was enhanced with a 'configuration synchronization' option which automatically synchronizes the configuration of a remote XpoLog (all remote logs automatically added to the main instance). More>

LDAP Authentication Enhancement: XpoLog LDAP Authentication was enhanced to support LDAP nested groups.

Templates: XpoLog’s Templates was enhanced support existing templates to be overwritten by a new template. More>

 Add Log Directory Enhancements: Added time filtering in scan, both in manual execution and task administration.

Configuring Advanced Log Settings Enhancements: End of Line Representation which enables to define the end of line of log records in special formats. More>

Log Administrations Enhancements: XpoLog was enhanced to support JSON log structures. More>

Collection Policies Scheduler Enhancement: Collection policies scheduler now contains a frequency definition for the search engine's Live Search data retrieval. More>

System Status Enhancement: System status tasks monitoring section was enhanced to alert on slow tasks (indexing, dashboards, monitoring, collection, etc.). More>


 XpoLog Search

New Search Box: The Search Query Panel user interface was enhanced and includes new elements such as expanding with long queries and auto-complete sections which provides suggestions on relevant syntax and sources to run the search on. More>

Live Search: New. XpoLog Search provides Live mode search (near real time). More>

Pause/Resume Search: Added a Pause/Resume button which allows to pause a search while it is being executed. More>

New Graph Area: The graph area was enhanced and includes new types of graphs such as Stack Bar View and Geo Location Map. More> 

Events Area Enhancements: Added Data Markers which presents colors to be selected in order to mark the highlighted phrase. More> 

Exporting a Search to a CSV: Added a new action to export search results to a CSV file.

Simple Search Results Enhancement: When viewing s simple search result split by Logs, mouse hovering the log name in the legend displays the full path of the log in the Folders and Logs tree.

Complex Search Results Enhancement: Added drill down from complex search. More>


XpoLog Dashboards

New Bar Chart: Added stacked bar chart to over time gadgets. More>

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