Current view: XpoLog V5. Available: XpoLog V6 and XpoLog V7 (Latest)

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You can distribute a patch to all XpoLog cluster nodes and remote XpoLog nodes that exist in your enterprise from a single location

To publish a patch:
  1. In the About XpoLog Center page (Manager > Settings > About), click publish patch.
    The Publish Patch page appears.
  2. In Path, click Browse to select the XpoLog patch zip file to be published.
  3. Select the nodes which you want to publish the patch to:
    Current Node: the current XpoLog which the browser is now opened on
    Cluster Nodes: the nodes which are part of the cluster that the browser is now opened on (appears only if a cluster is active).
    Enterprise Nodes: select the remote nodes to which you want to publish the patch. You can click select all to select all nodes (appears only if there are any remote enterprise accounts). 
  4. Click run.

The patch is applied on the all the selected XpoLog nodes.

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