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It is highly recommended to configure XpoLog that is deployed as a war on an application server to an external configuration directory (storage) - instructions are available at the top of this page.
In case you need to update your XpoLog version, the war file will be replaced and if an external storage is not configured all the data and configuration will be removed.




Configure XpoLog to use a Proxy


Generally, XpoLog does not require internet access to function properly.
However, there are some specific features that XpoLog should get an external access for some of its integrations such as Microsoft Teams, Office 365 / Azure Active Directory, Pagerduty, Slack, etc.

Some organizations do not allow direct access from XpoLog servers and use a proxy server that the access can be granted only through it.
It is possible in such cases to configure XpoLog to use a proxy server.


To configure XpoLog to use a proxy server:


    1. Stop XpoLog.
    2. Edit the file /.../XPOLOG_INSTALL_DIR/XpoLog.lax (Windows) OR /.../XPOLOG_INSTALL_DIR/ (Linux).
    3. Look for the JAVA parameters line (starts with, add at the end the following 3 parameters with the proxy details:
    4. Start XpoLog.