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If you are running multiple nodes on a Windows machine then it is mandatory to give a unique name to each node during installation.
During installation ensure you specify a different installation directory and a different service name to each instance. For example: XpoLogCenterProcessor and XpoLogCenterUI

At the end of the process, you should have a installation directory and a unique service name per each installed instance.


It is also possible to manually remove/create services but recommended to do it directly in the installation wizard:

  • Remove service: sc delete [SERVICE_NAME] 
  • Create service: sc create [SERVICE_NAME] binpath= "C:\PROGRA~1\XPOLOG~1\FULL_PATH_TO_INSTALL_DIR\XpoLog.exe -zglaxservice XpoLogCenter" start= auto DisplayName= "[SERVICE_DISPLAY_NAME]"
    For example: sc create XpoLogProcessor binpath= "C:\PROGRA~1Program Files\XPOLOG~1xpologcenter\XpoLog.exe -zglaxservice XpoLogCenter" start= auto DisplayName= "XpoLogProcessor"
It is recommended to set a service account on each of the services for an optimized connectivity to machines across the network - Windows Post Installation