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XpoLog Apps marketplace is a one stop shop for out of the box applications that will enable you to integrate your machine generated
data into XpoLog, receive insights on logs and servers performance and data analysis automatically. 
With XpoLog Apps Marketplace You have access to a broad selection of managed applications and devices like Load Balancing,
Storage, Machines Images, Virtual servers, Web Servers, Audit servers, CDN and more. 


  • Easily manage all your applications in a a one Data Analytics central container
  • Search, Filter, Analyze and Report applications' insights quickly
  • Easy to use GUI dashboards to manage your system's entities and objects
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In order to setup and use XpoLog our of the box Apps you first need to add and prepare the log data from the system you plan to analyze. In order to make the out of the box apps work properly it is recommended to take the following steps:


  1. Follow the add data for the target App steps, you can find the list of apps below.
  2. Setup the log data according to the specification and then deploy the target app on the target data set that you have prepared.

Prepare Data for the following Out of the box Apps:


Web Servers


Load Balancers

Technologies and Logging SDK


Operating Systems

Application Servers - J2EE



Application Servers - J2EE



Amazon Web Services

Data forwarding:


Data forwarding: