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The following diagram presents a clustered environment with multiple user interface nodes and data processing nodes.

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 [0] Users Web Browser Access.

Integration to Active Directory


for authentication and authorization



[1] Users Traffic Load Balancer - (optional) - in case of multiple UI nodes this LB distributed users’ activity



[2] UI Nodes Array - processes dedicated to serve users activity



[3] Storage - file system accessible by all cluster nodes



[4] Processing Nodes Array - the cluster management, processing, and listeners nodes
M = MASTER (the process that orchestrates the cluster


P = Processors (the


process(es) that process data (collect, index, monitor, report, etc.)
L = Listeners (the

data receiver


s) processes)    

es) that receive data from various data shippers)


Data receiving

Listeners Load Balancer - (optional) - in case of multiple Listeners, this LB distributed traffic between nodes




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