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  • This is an upgrade patch that is compatible only to XpoLog version 4.5+ 
  • Please note that if you are upgrading XpoLog 4.5 using this patch you will be required to save a valid 5.0 license to activate XpoLog once the patch is applied


Before you proceed - Verify your version at XpoLog Manager > Settings > About - Installed version. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Review the release notes of this version at: 5.0 Release Notes
Review the release notes of latest patch at: 5.0.4021 Release Notes (Note: the latest patch contains all the previous patches releases)

Deployment instructions:

  1. Download the update - XpoLog 5.0 Latest Update (save it to your desktop - do not extract).
  2. Check your installed version XpoLog Manager > Settings > About
    1. Versions 4.5.3710 or lower: go to XpoLog Manager > Settings > About, click 'add patch', select the zip file and click 'run'.
    2. Versions 4.5.3714 or higher: go to XpoLog Manager > Settings > About, click 'publish patch', select the zip, select on which XpoLog nodes the patch should be deployed on (local XpoLog, cluster nodes, remote XpoLogs) and click 'run'.
      Note: we always recommend updating all XpoLog instances with the latest released update.
  3. XpoLog will automatically deploy the update, and should present a message indicating a successful deployment once done.
  4. Apply a valid XpoLog 5.0 license (if upgrading from an earlier version)
  5. Verify at XpoLog Manager > Settings > About that the update is listed and the installed version is 5.0.4021
  6. If your installed version number is below 4.5.3710, and you are running a cluster of XpoLog the update has to be deployed on each XpoLog node directly (open a browser directly to each node and perform the above operations). If your installed version is 4.5.3710 or higher - you can publish the patch to all cluster nodes and remote XpoLog instances via a single console as described at above.

Important - the above procedures cannot be implemented if XpoLog is deployed on an application server as WAR file on a J2EE Application Server, please contact us for more details on how to update/upgrade.

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