XpoLog Search enables users with sufficient permission to save any search as a gadget.

Saving a search as a gadget requires you to define:

The search string and time period of the search are automatically input by the system from the search query of the Search being saved. You can change the time period to have the gadget run the search on events from a different range of time.

To save a search as a gadget:

  1. In the Search Query Panel, click Save Gadgets.
  2. The Save Gadget dialog box opens. The search query is automatically input into Search Query.
  3. In Gadget Title, type a meaningful name for the gadget (mandatory).
  4. In Time Range, leave the time range of the search that ran (default), or select a different time range.
  5. In Gadget View, select Chart or Table.
  6. In App, select one of the following:
  7. In Dashboard, select one of the following:
  8. Do one of the following: