An XpoLog Center Dashboard is a portal that contains gadgets.

Each gadget in the dashboard is used to display visual or textual information from the logs that exist in the XpoLog environment.

Each gadget displays the data that the user requested to view in the gadget's definition.  For example, four gadgets can be displayed in a dashboard for displaying search results, filtered logs, report results, and Analytics summary.

Gadgets simplify and expedite performing searches and operations on the log file. For example, instead of going each time to the XpoSearch search engine and running a search, you can define gadgets for viewing these search results in different visual manners.

XpoLog has an engine that enables customizing multiple dashboards, each for a different purpose. For example, you can define four dashboards – for application problems, performance problems, network issues, and security.

Each dashboard can contain unlimited gadgets, with each gadget displayed in one of the following display modes:

Gadgets are automatically updated at regular refresh intervals that are defined by the Administrator in the gadget definition (see Administrator's Guide).

The gadgets can be organized within the dashboard in any of several predefined layouts. Also, any gadget can be dragged and dropped to a preferred location on the dashboard page.