Displays a scatter chart showing a count over time or label of log events matching a given simple/complex Search query, grouped by log, application, or server; gadget has a View in Search link that can be clicked to navigate to the Search Console to perform a drill-down.

To add a Scatter Chart Gadget:
  1. In Title, type a name for the gadget.
  2. In Search Query, type the search query to run, based on the Search simple/complex search syntax.
  3. In Time Range, select the time frame following which the gadget display is to be refreshed.
  4. In X-Axis, select the type of X-Axis to be displayed: Time or Label.
  5. In Group By, select the grouping dimension of the result: None, Log, Application, or Server.
  6. If available, click on More Settings in order to specify specific visualization options for this gadget.
  7. Click the Save button.
    The gadget is saved in the dashboard.

Results Examples: