For each selected view type and time frame, Analytics presents the top 10 problems (with the highest severity) that were found in the analysis:


For each detected problem there is an option to modify its severity or exclude it from the analysis directly in the console.

The Most Severe Problems Table includes the following columns:

SourceThe source folder/log/application/server that contains the problem

A short description of the problem; clicking the problem has the same function as clicking the Search in XpoSearch button (see below).

TypeThe problem type; can be Predefined, Autodetected, Statistical, or Metrics
# of Occurrences

The number of occurrences of this problem


The severity assigned to this problem

Search in XpoSearch button; clicking this button enables searching for the event in the log.

Customize the Problem Severity button; clicking this button enables the user to change the problem severity, or exclude the problem from the analysis. Changes take effect only in future analyses.